January/23/2012 23:08PM
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Some crafty liberal who took exception to my blog hacked it this week. I apologize that I have not had access to publish until my server got the problem handled.

It’s fixed, but not in time to publish today’s entry.

We conservatives seem too busy to seek out publications we disagree with and hack into them and insert a nasty message. I should have published a copy of that sweet little warning.

Throughout history liberals have inserted nastiness into their protests. Ann Coulter wrote a book about the liberal preference for mob behavior and violent protests, “Demonic, How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America”. It was published before the OWS crowd began their little protests.

Even liberal hackers seem to need to cross the line from polite discourse to nastiness. Guess they have too mush time on their hands and their problems may go back to toilet training.

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