EPA Overkill

January/08/2012 21:41PM
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Just one fact about the EPA estimates of the power plant closings due to new regulations should give all more than a little concern.

The EPA released the new rules last month and predicted the total cost nationwide to comply would be $9 billion. The Southern Company, parent of four utilities, estimated in August that it would cost the company as much as $18 billion to comply.

Government agency estimates are normally unreliable. If the EPA has underestimated the cost to utility companies to comply by this magnitude, how much are they off on the power lost due to closed plants and those closed temporarily to do the work?

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners will meet on February 7 in Washington to study the problem.

The EPA has changed terminology from blackouts to reliability. This should make everyone feel better.

If no one stops the EPA from keeping the pedal to metal the nation may experience reliability issue around the country. Best case, homeowners may see electric rates rise by significant amounts as utilities get rates increased to recover capital spent to reduce mercury.

But, unless Congress does something, mercury will be leaking from landfills from CFL bulbs being put in trash rather than people taking them to the few inconvenient recycling centers. The EPA is strangely silent on this issue.

Funny how the EPA wields such power in this administration.

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