ACLJ Opinion on King Obama’s Recess Appointments

January/09/2012 16:18PM
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President Obama promised that when he came to office, he would bring hope and
change with him, and he has. He has brought hope to those wanting a radical
expansion of government power and terribly damaging change to our Constitution.

Stand for Life

By making “recess appointments” while the U.S. Senate is NOT in recess, he is
once again creating a constitutional crisis.

The ACLJ is taking action and we need you to stand with us.

Sign our Petition to Retract Obama’s Unconstitutional Appointments

The U.S. Constitution provides the foundation for our rule of law and our
rights under the law. If any part of it can be ignored by the government, all of
it could be ignored by the government.

Mr. Obama may have ignored the rule of law, but we will not ignore his

His actions contradict centuries of precedent, as well as recent legal
analysis by Obama’s Justice Department, both the Clinton and Bush White House
counsel’s office, and President Obama’s own statements as a U.S. Senator.

Join the ACLJ in standing up for the Constitution. Tell President Obama he is
not a king. Take action now.

Thank you again for your steadfast defense of our Constitution and our
God-given rights.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

P.S. President Obama is arrogantly shredding the Constitution. Make your
voice heard in defense of our Constitution. Encourage your friends and family to
join us by using the Facebook “Like” buttons in this email and by forwarding
this message.


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The ACLJ is the conservative alternative to the ACLU. The ACLU has done more damage to America than any other organization before Obama.

A few of our readers disagreed with the issue of the legality of the Obama recess appointments. If you believe they were illegal you can sign the ACLJ petition. Or, if you are like one reader who does believe they were illegal, but won’t be deemed so until Obama’s second term is over, you can vote against Obama to keep his dream from happening.

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