A Long Ten Months

January/02/2012 20:57PM
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As we enter 2012, there is little about 2011 we can look back and celebrate. Even though the voters gave the Republicans the House, Obama was successful in keeping his drive to make America Europe moving forward. Now he begins his war on success in earnest.

Pitting the country against one another. Trying to get more and more voters dependent on the government to survive. If he wins four more years there is little hope for having a country that celebrates success. Whether it’s individual success or business success it’s what has made us a great nation.

The irony of making us Europe seems to escape the President and those who embrace class warfare. Trying to emulate a broken model defies common sense. But, common sense is rare in Washington these days

So, it’s with trepidation that we begin 2012. Unless we stop Obama in the November election, it’s a dismal future we face. With no way to stop his march, he will be free to step up the pace. It’s downright scary.

I stated this blog at the end of the Bush era because I feared for the futures of my grand kids. Now, I’m terrified. They work hard in school, they have big plans, and they may face a world that doesn’t reward hard work and big plans.

All we can do is pray and work for a change and a better future for all.

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