What Should I Occupy?

December/12/2011 16:25PM
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By Obama’s Standards, I am the reason the country is in trouble. I am one of those one-per centers.

I have no pension. Like many corporate employees, I took a lump sum retirement. I have to invest to live. Under the Obama administration, there is no place to invest. The stock market is too volatile, the bond market the same, and since Obama took office, no one gets any interest on savings. Next year I will have to take distributions on my IRA.

I own two houses and both have lost 30% of their prior equity value. Still, in Illinois, real estate taxes continue to go up when values of homes go down. Illinois, and most of the cities in Illinois are broke.

My social security check will go down as Medicare goes up and there is no cost-of-living adjustment.

Obama wants to take 50% of the value of whatever is left in our estates. If reelected, he will. He has reduced my charitable deductions, so I get less for my charity. He wants to reduce it more. He wants to buy votes with charity, not have citizens who are charitable benefit.

ObamaCare will find us with fewer doctors willing to treat us at a time in our lives when we will need more treatment.

I didn’t get to the group destroying this country by inheritance. I came from humble beginnings. I went to a state school and paid a lot of my expenses by a wrestling scholarship, 3 part time jobs, and working construction in the summer. I started at the very bottom at the old Standard Oil of Indiana, running the training station. Pumping gas, fixing cars, selling tires, and supervising employees twice my age. I worked my way up a a big corporation. I survived several corporate blood lettings. I retired early because I wanted to. I invested well, lived modestly, and have been generous with kids and grand kids.

I paid Barack almost $30,000 in taxes last year. He believes that’s not enough. I believe it’s too much.

When we have a government that works, places to invest shrinking assets, and the benefits that come with all that, I might be willing to pay more taxes.

I want two things. First, I want an apology from Obama. He’s the the one destroying this country not me. He has no right to accuse me of being responsible for his incompetence. Second, I want to pay less taxes. Until the government stops wasting money, they deserve no tax increases from anyone. First things first.

If I ran my personal business like Obama runs this country my lump sum retirement and 401K and IRA would have been gone long ago. I don’t and they aren’t. However, Obama has no right to any of what I have left in those assets. I don’t trust him to handle my Social Security and Medicare, let along take more to ferret away.

So, Occupier’s, what should I occupy? The White House?

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