Things You Will Get More of the Next Four Years…Unless

December/25/2011 20:11PM
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This week three items hit the news.

Eric Holder declared the South Carolina law requiring photo ID to vote could not stand. Over twenty states have similar laws. Holder played the race card. In his judgment it is far too hard for people of color to procure such a card. He even mentioned Jim Crow laws. Once again, the Attorney General shows his leftist leanings in his interpretation of the law.

Coal produced electrical power hit an all-time low. Lisa Jackson’s war on coal is working. She is stepping them up despite Obama’s promise to curtail regulation. The latest new rule released last week is a mere 1,117 pages. The cost, a grossly under-estimated $9.6 billion. There is no sincere plan to off-set the lost power. Not Lisa’s problem. Most of that displaced has been from natural gas. Ms. Jackson is after franking, the source of the new gas solving the problem Jackson is creating and caring not one whit about.

The NLRB announced a new set of rules to make it easier for unions to organize business. Businesses will not be able to file a legal appeal until the vote is taken.

So vote Obama another four years to perfect this work.

You will get more unionization of business. You will get power outages as supply is closed in faster than new supply is brought aboard. And, you will get more of Holder’s interpretation of the laws.

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