The Sixty Day Solution

December/19/2011 16:46PM
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After days of doing nothing and grousing about getting away for Christmas vacation, our Congress and our President want us to accept the lame 60 day solution they accepted to the payroll tax issue. How much do you think this cost us in salaries and secondary costs? Aides working, telephone bills, secretarial expenses, etc.

If you were running a business and had a problem like this and your entire staff dedicated this much time on solving the problem, would you be happy? Or, would heads roll? It’s no wonder 89% of Americans want their heads to roll? But, in this case the CEO, our President is happy with the result, ready to sign off on the answer.

Only Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is unhappy, saying the House will not accept this solution. Thank God, Mr. Speaker. It’s time to force the issue. A year’s solution, or nothing.

What will the hapless Senate do now? What will the leaderless President do now? The president who hasn’t had one conversation with Mitch McConnell for months, the minority leader of the hapless Senate. He can’t punt, the paychecks will go down. Finally, he may have to do some real work before he boards Air Force One for Hawaii. He may actually have to step in and resolve a problem.

Pushing all problems past the next election won’t work here.

The House passed a bill to cover all the issues for a year. A bill they didn’t like, since the funds to cover the cost of the bill will come from the Social Security Trust, since the Senate wouldn’t agree to cutting real expenses to pay the tab. The Senate that hasn’t passed a budget since Obama became president.

Watching the Senate and Obama try to resolve this issue will be like watching sausage made. You might never eat sausage again.

Good, we may decide to find new sausage makers in November.

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