The Obama Campaign

December/10/2011 18:36PM
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We saw hope and Change elect a president. A man with no experience won the highest office in the land with nothing more than that-Hope and Change. Just like the Soap Opera’s on TV in the afternoons used sex to sell soap. Promise something most people want and offer nothing more than the promise. Pure marketing at it’s best.

Well, Hope and Change sure won’t work again this time. Having played the blame game for three years while no hope and only change for the worse occurred, that dog won’t hunt anymore. What’s the new scam?

Just an offshoot of the blame game. Jump on the Occupy movement and blame the rich. If only the rich weren’t so rich, we could solve all the country’s problems. The 1% who now only pay a cheesy 40% of the total tax bill. The other 99% of the population aren’t getting a fair shake, according to Obama.

Hold on, is that an election platform? Or, is it Hope and Change dressed up for 2012? Everyone hates the rich, just like everyone wants to buy Hope and Change. Is that it? No more?

Right, that’s it. That’s all you are going to get from this president for a campaign promise. Sure he will offer goodies for all, but financed by the rich.

He can’t, like most incumbents, run against his record. What record? Everything he touched has turned gold to brass. His first promise, closing Gitmo, is still unfulfilled. He gave us ObamaCare, a very unpopular health care plan that may be overturned by the Supreme Court, he blew the stimulus money, giving it to states to keep from laying off public union employees, and the rest all got worse. He has no record to run against. The Republican candidate will run him against his record, believe that.

Will that be enough to get him another term? Once, I would say no, but since I’ve seen Hope and Change be enough, I’m not sure. Maybe it will get the job done.

If it does, I can only wonder how many rounds of golf Obama will get in after his next inauguration. I know a retired professor who got in over 200 rounds in one year while he was still teaching. Obama, who did not work during this term, will certainly do less next term. With no campaigning to do, he will need to work on that lousy golf game. Since he has amassed enough wealth to be in the hated 1%, he has enough rich friends to get a few games a week. Comped at a top 100 course.

Go ahead, buy it if you will. If you truly believe that bringing the top 1% to their knees will fix American, give Obama another vote. If not, you better not, that’s all you are going to get for four years, except America will be Greece at the end.

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