The Light Bulb Came On

December/17/2011 16:24PM
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In addition to the pipeline, Republicans put some other items in the Payroll tax forgiveness proposal sent to the Senate. One was to keep cuts out of Medicare giving we seniors an opportunity to keep our existing doctors. A more obscure piece was to stall the end of the conventional light bulb.

Stores have been fazing out the conventional bulbs, so stock up early. One of the more egregious acts of Obama’s Nanny State, having the Feds tell you what light bulbs to buy has been very contentious. The new bulbs have problems, mercury being the biggest. No one is measuring how much mercury these bulbs are putting into land fills. Seems the environmental zealots can just overlook these little problems, like birds killed by windmills, and mercury from CFL bulbs, if they are forcing what they believe on the public.

Of course, whatever savings you get from CFL bulbs will never offset what mandated power from wind and solar will cost you on future electricity bills. Europe is backing down on their mandates since consumers are up in arms over their bills. Spain almost went broke subsidizing green energy and now the bills are coming in for the public that in suffering from economic disaster.

You will have eight or nine months to buy conventional bulbs, then maybe an extension until the election. Then, this will go away forever.

But, watch as the Democrats try to stall the pipeline work using the courts to do their dirty work. Then watch how fast the shovels go into the ground, again, after the election.

No more president who puts reelection before the good of the country. A president who seems to lose most battles these days as his poll numbers plummet. God Bless America.

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