The Chicago Bears and the Federal Government

December/20/2011 16:16PM
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What does a football team and our Federal Government have in common? One thing, centralized control.

Obama is a centrist. He believes Washington is the best place to run everything in this country. Central Planning. It’s where health care needs to be controlled, the EPA should use regulation to carry out the wishes of environmental fanatics, states can’t be trusted to do the right thing. Immigration is the responsibility of the Federal Government. If the Federal Government chooses to do nothing, and problems break out at the state level, don’t let the states decide how to deal with their problems. Sue them.

The Bears hired a defensive coordinator who was a genius coach with the Rams. He ran the greatest show on turf with Curt Warner as his ringmaster. He ran the show from the sidelines. Called the plays and made it work. Won the Superbowl.

The Bears, offensively inept for decades, hired a big-name quarterback, Jay Cutler, and fired another inept offensive coordinator, Ron Turner, then decided to hire the genius, Mike Martz. Hiring a so-called genius is always a risky proposition. Especially, one who has been fired from his jobs since the Rams.

A genius has his own way of doing things. A genius is slow to accept change. That, which made his genius, must still work. Martz has a complex system that takes the offense days or weeks to learn. The quarterback has to also be a genius to use the Martz system. And, there must be no changes to that system.

Here’s the problem with Martz and his system. Successful offenses in the NFL have quarterbacks who line up, assess the defense, point out blocking assignments, and change the play if the defense makes a shift. This is not allowed by Martz. Everyone in the NFL knows that. Martz calls a play, by God you run that play. The quarterback is a robot carrying out the wishes of the genius.

As a retired business executive, I found more success when decisions were pushed down to the lowest possible level. Right where the interface with the customer took place. Martz and Obama were never business people.

Here are the other problems the Martz Obama system creates for the Bears. When the quarterback went down with injury, the Bears couldn’t go to the waiver wire for a replacement since it takes too long to learn the Martz system. When an inept reserve quarterback was placed into service, Martz didn’t develop a system to fit his limited skills. No sir, the kid has to run the system by the genius.

So the Bears go from 7-3 to 7-7 and will not make the playoffs. Even with Cutler the Bears offense struggled. Blocking adjustments were never made at the line of scrimmage and Cutler was always under pressure. The offensive line was blamed.

Tea Party people, many voters, states, and even some elected officials want the Federal Government shrunk. We want the decisions pushed out to the states, where the need can be seen faster and the fix monitored better. Where the state government can call audibles and not wait for the genius, Obama, to call the play.

Mike Martz has been rumoured to be spending his last year with the Bears. Some college will hire him to be head coach and pay him millions. The game of football has moved on. Martz has not. But, lot’s of people pay for his failings. Other coaches are blamed, line coach, head coach. The quarterback is blamed. The offensive line is blamed. The back-up quarterback is blamed. Finally, the system is exposed to be flawed. The real problem moves on and takes the flawed system with him.

Hopefully, Mike Martz, will take Obama with him in November.

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