Motives to be President

December/11/2011 16:36PM
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When you consider one of the key points in deciding who gets your vote for president next year, motive has to near the top.

Last election, Hope and Change, whatever the hell that meant, was the voters’ motives. But, moving America as far left as fast as possible was the true motive. Ahead of that was the glitter and glamor of the job. Riding in Air Force One to Obama was like a kid with a new pony. Obama was so smitten with himself, big new job and Noble Prize, that he thought his speeches alone would fix everything. Never works, never does, but did he speak. Day after day, hour after hour, all over the world. America got tired of the speeches first, then the world did. When he speaks now there is a glazed look on the faces of the audience.

Obama’s motives are a known quantity. Push further left, do as little as possible, and blame everyone when his leadership shortcomings fail to accomplish much. Be in the limelight as much as possible.

What about the Republican candidates. Who really wants to strap on the mess Obama has made and get the country back on track? Let’s just focus on the top two, since it looks like that’s the contest.

Both want the job, both want it in the worst way. Lindsay Graham says Newt’s leadership style is flawed. Graham is flawed to the max. Most of the louder critics of Newt fit the same mold as Lindsay. They are a big part of the reason the Congressional approval rating is in the teens and dropping. He stands for nothing. His motivation is the next election. His type gave us John McCain, who begot Sarah Palin. Be very careful of those who attack Newt’s style of leadership. There is one leadership style in Congress on both sides of the aisle now, “style trumps substance”. Make no waves, look good on camera, get on as much as possible, and follow the party line. Remember, the scenery only changes for the lead dog and it seems Jim Demint is the only Republican getting fresh looks.

The big dogs in the Republican Party seem most upset by Newt’s progress. The kingmaker, Carl Rove, being the most upset. They are orchestrating the attacks on Newt. What are their motives, get a Republican in office.

Romney, on the other hand, is bland. His success in the private sector counts for little. He had a bunch of money from Dad, threw it in the pot, and a bunch of smart guys helped him turn it into millions. Not truly running a business.

His motive is not money, he has plenty. Since he can’t state clearly his position on key areas, it seems it isn’t ideology. Reagan, when he ran, left no doubt that he wanted to push America right, just as Obama, who never admitted to it in the campaign, wanted to push America left.

Republicans can’t figure out where either man is. Both are trying to adopt the Hope and Change ruse. Admit to nothing and get elected by just running against Obama. Except neither can hold sway with Republicans with no position. But, neither is hurting their position with Independents.

I, honestly, at this juncture, have no clue which of the two has the purest motives. Flip a coin as to which would do the best job of fixing our problems. Romney has a temperament more like Reagan, but a spine like Lindsay Graham. Newt is all backbone, but has a temperament like a volcano. And, a mouth likely to spew honey or lava.

It’s going to hard to get a fix on the motives, but they will get clearer in the next few weeks. Watch carefully and vote on that, neither is a great choice but we can’t afford Obama light.

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