It All Adds up to Zero

December/29/2011 16:41PM
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Americans had enough of Obama’s spending in 2010. They sent a troop of starry-eyed Republican freshmen Representatives to Congress to stop it in the 2010 election. The voters gave the House to the Republicans. With a firm mandate to fix that problem.

The result, Zero. The spending forecast for 2012 is a half billion to a billion higher than 2011. Despite two near government shutdowns, downgrading the US credit rating, a special committee, and all the other noise, nothing was accomplished.

Republicans needed one more election to go their way in 2010. It was close, but Harry Reid was reelected. Harry has done Obama’s bidding, just as Pelosi did in his first two years.

Republicans in the House passed several bills to cut spending, but Reid blocked them all. One man, over fifty votes, that’s all it took. Stalemate.

Paul Ryan tried. Simpson-Bowles tried. A Constitutional Budget amendment failed despite passing the House. Boehner thought he had a deal until it wasn’t a deal.

Somehow the pundits think Obama has won. His little maneuver at year’s end that put Boehner, and those who want to cut expenses in the trick bag, is seen as a victory. Is it really?

The American people want results. They aren’t getting any. When the Republican candidate is finally chosen, and he/she runs against zero, are voters going to line up to reelect Obama and the Democratic senators who made zero happen in 2011? Who will win in end? Obama and the Democrats who stopped all efforts to cut expenses?

Ben Nelson, must think not. He bailed. King of the Cornhusker Kickback, the vote that passed ObamaCare, knows he’s toast.

The Republican candidate’s campaign slogan for 2012, “I can do better than zero.”

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