Is Obama the Champion of the Middle Class

December/09/2011 16:46PM
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Obama, in another soaring speech in Kansas, emulating Teddy Roosevelt, told the world he was saving the middle class in America.

Let’s examine that a bit.

This week, insulting the Prime Minister of Canada, he told him to ship his oil to China. Further, he warned Republicans later in the week if they stuck the Keystone Pipeline approval in a bill to deal with payroll taxes he would veto the bill. So, jobs to build the pipeline, middle class union jobs mean nothing. Jobs to build the pipe and equipment to install it mean nothing. Lower gasoline prices down the road mean nothing. Most idiotic environmentalists are not from the middle class. That’s all that’s important to Obama.

His EPA freak, Lisa Jackson, the biggest enemy to the middle class in America, said she is going after fracking. Said they found some chemicals somewhere in some water source. North Dakota has a 1% unemployment rate, due to fracking to get oil and gas. The same Jackson is closing coal fired power plants putting workers and miners out of business. Creating higher utility bills for the middle class.

My social security checks will be smaller next year. Obama needs more money for Obamacare.

More middle class workers are out of work since the Depression. For longer periods of time. Nice job Obama.

He has set mileage standards in the future that can’t be met. But, downsizing trucks are not a good thing for workers who rely on trucks.

He supports ethanol when it raises food prices for the middle class.

He will raise utility bills for the middle class with mandated wind and solar power.

He will cause middle class workers who have a job and insurance provided by their employers to lose that insurance.

He supports the unions that want to unionize WalMart. The same unions that protest the building of WalMart stores in inner cities. Places where the middle class and poorer classes can buy more for less.

He supported Jon Corzine in his run for governor of New Jersey. Biden said he was the man when it came to financial wisdom. Corzine told Congress he doesn’t know where the billion dollars went. What wisdom. Much of that money is owed farmers. Are they middle class?

He dumped billions into electric cars. Cars no one wants to buy. Cars that are too expensive for the middle class. He dumped billions into solar and wind, with much of the production coming from China.

I could go on ad nauseum.

Can anyone give me an example of one thing Obama has done to make this claim?

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