Example of Liberal Media Bias

December/02/2011 17:36PM
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The Arizona Republic, typical of most liberal newspapers,ran a headline article today: Republicans Derails Payroll Tax Cut. Later in the article it says “Republicans and a handful of Democrats combined to kill the measure on a 51-49 tally.”

Even later the article it says Susan Collins voted for the bill.

What is true? It appears that Democrats and Republicans killed the bill. But those not reading the headline never get the truth. What better example can you find of bias?

Further in the article it mentions a Republican bill that would have extended the current cut but was financed by freezing government payrolls and cutting expenses. It was voted down 78-20.

Same old, same old. Democrats refuse to cut anything but will raise taxes and increase spending. Republicans will not increase spending without expense cuts.

As the old saying goes if your house is full sewage, you don’t raise the roof, you pump out the crap.

So, the headline could have read: Democrats derail payroll tax cut by refusing to cut government expenses. Sure sounds different, eh?

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