Coming Home

December/05/2011 18:57PM
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This has been a busy time for this blogger. I’ve gotten a new knee, been through intensive rehab, and spent a week in Florida and a week in Arizona. It has been a challenge to keep up with the blog. My hard drive in Arizona crashed last week and I had to work through that.

Finally, life is getting back to normal. No more excuses.

Coming home is not just for me, it’s the best news we Americans have had in the field of energy for decades.

The big multinational oil companies are coming back to this country. Bringing their technology that none of the multi-national oil companies possess. Without that technology, countries like Russia, the Middle East, and Venezuela will be stymied in their production efforts. The big oil companies are tired of taking risks with those countries. They find the oil and gas and the countries steal the yield. Politically, the risk is lower even with our hostile government trying to put up every obstacle they can muster.

Canada, without the obstacles, has the second largest oil reserves to Saudi Arabia. We could surpass Canada in no time. The oil companies are betting big bucks that will happen.

If our government would just get out of the way, we can actually get energy independence. And, re-start the economy with the jobs, the low energy costs, and the other benefits that accrue from that. Farmers are already benefiting from the shale gas in states all over the country. They get the upfront money, then the 15% from the gas when discovered. They spend the money. They build new houses, new cars, and all that comes with the windfall.

We have enough shale oil in this country get to a million barrels a day by 2020. The oil companies are ready to make the investment and have the cash to do the job.

Their technology in deep water drilling is the best in the world. Production has nearly doubled in the past five years and can double and re-double in the near future.

The wind is at our back and the people who can make it happen, not the government, are poised to do the job.

The ridiculous ideological blocks pushed by Obama are an even bet to go too. So much so that the oil companies are betting it will happen. Buying smaller companies here in America who are already doing that job. If Obama is a one-term president, we will pick up that wind at our back and make progress, not politics.

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