The Best Punter in America

November/08/2011 16:58PM
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I was premature in giving our president credit for making a decision on the Keystone Pipeline. (see One-Woman Jobs Wrecking Crew post) I should have known. The White House announced yesterday that Obama will postpone any decision on the pipeline until 2013. Of course by then the whole idea may have died. The Chinese want to help the Canadians build a port to ship that oil to China. It isn’t like we’re the only game in town for that oil. The world market will take it one way or the other.

Obama was faced with three considerations in making a decision on this project. First, the National Interest. Yes, this country needs the oil. It would displace 6% of the oil we now buy from the Middle East. Didn’t Obama release some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve this year when the price got too high? But, the environmentalists don’t want the pipeline. Lastly, the unions want the pipeline. The political interests are not good. He would make one group happy and a second damned mad. Of the two, unions have the most clout. Still, losing the environmental vote in 2012 could cost the election. Solution, punt. Kick the decision down the road until after the election. Forget that national interest thing, we’re talking politics here. Put the election ahead of national interest, line up and punt the problem down the road.

Just like we punted the debt problem. Now, the Super Committee is failing to resolve it, and the automatic cuts will kick in and the defense budget will take most of the hit. And, Obama can blame the Congress when the country gets another downgrade. What a beautiful punt, a perfect spiral right down to the two yard line.

How many punts can Obama kick before the voters see we have a punter and no quarterback? How many decisions can he dodge before he is seen as Jimmy Carter on crack? Will the National media begin to point out the punts?

Four more years with a punter and no quarterback could make this country look a lot like the Indianapolis Colts. A once great team that is 0-9 this year and hoping to get the top draft pick next year.

Want to help move us faster to becoming Greece or Italy, vote the punter another 4 years to get the job finished.

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