Memo to Occupiers

November/01/2011 16:43PM
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Ladies and gentlemen fouling the streets of our country protesting something, here’s a flash. There are jobs open in this country. Places where your degree in humanities will be welcome and you can earn more than enough to pay the interest on that student loan.

Coal mines can’t find employees. Miners can make up to $100,000 a year. Get out of that park and get to West Virginia or Illinois or anywhere coal in mined in this country and fill out that application before another occupier does. Go underground, so to speak.

Then there’s North Dakota. You can make $60,000 to $90,000 driving a semi to the oil patch. Or, to build houses for the hundreds of new workers in the oil patch who are living in tents or trailers. Williston North Dakota has grown from 12,000 to 20,000 in the past five years. They need everything. Teachers, cops, firemen, construction workers, etc.

Stop beating your drum, drop your sign, and head for North Dakota. The answer to your problems lie there. A job, three squares, and enough money to pay off that student loan. A place where that degree in Women’s Studies will still play.

That’s how it worked in the Great Depression. People didn’t plunk their asses down in a park. They went wherever the jobs were. Crops are rotting in the fields here because the tougher immigration laws and threats of same have chased away the immigrants who harvest those crops. Come on Occupiers, it’s a job.

Funny how things work out in this country. The two biggest potential job sources come from two things your government doesn’t support. Drilling and mining. The present administration wants both to go away. But, the private sector, ignoring the ignorant sector, just keeps plugging away, creating jobs. Natural gas that will fuel the power plants where the EPA has outlawed their coal. And, coal exports to China where their government wants the cheapest form of power generation, whatever that might be.

Crops rot because your government can’t get their act together on immigration. If we enforce an Arizona law, farmers can’t count on cheap illegal labor and must pay a competitive rate for local wages. If the rate is competitive there just might be an Occupier who will do that work.

If not, then let’s let them keep camping around the country. It’s freedom of speech and do I really care if they try to get work? Not really, I’m, sure they are being taken care of by my government.

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