Is the Volt the New Edsel ?

November/29/2011 22:11PM
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The Chevy Volt, or Obamamobile is looking more and more like the old Ford Edsel.GM announced today they will provide loaner cars to the 5,000 Volt owners who are concerned about the latent fire problem. Tests showed that slight collisions could result in fires from a few days up to two weeks.

You could have a fender bender and a fire break out in your garage two weeks later and burn your house with you sleeping or not at home.

Despite the $7,500 incentive few are buying the car that GM spent millions developing with your tax dollars. This will really dampen future sales. It is reminiscent of the GM diesel fiasco of the 80’s when the injectors plugged and GM had to give up making diesel cars.

Meanwhile Honda is coming out with the first CNG car. It will cost far less than the Volt and fuel will cost half the price of gasoline. And you can fuel it in your garage at night.

So the government has spent millions to produce an unsafe car that doesn’t sell. Some things never change.

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