Honda CXV CG vs. Volt

November/30/2011 18:53PM
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The Volt costs more. Even with the $7,500 tax credit. It now has a safety issue. Recharging takes time, lot’s of time. Electricity costs will go up as Lisa Jackson closes down coal fired plants and mandates wind and solar at twice the cost. The American public wants to pay less for the car and less for the fuel. They get neither with the Volt.

The Honda CG(compressed gas)will sell for less than than the Volt and natural gas will cost half as much as gasoline. You will be able to buy a compressor to hang on your garage wall that will fill your tank overnight. The cost will be $3,000.

The country is producing natural gas at record rates driving prices down. It is clean burning. Retail gas stations can add CNG at reasonable cost.

CNG makes common sense. Electricity doesn’t. The Obama Administration favors electricity for reasons known only to him and his beloved environmentalists. The pure hatred of hydrocarbons is the only answer.

Car buyers don’t have that bias. Car manufacturers,except GM,will make what buyer’s want. When buyers find they they can buy a cheap car that runs on 50 percent of the cost of gasoline they will shop the Honda. If they sell retail outlets will be quick to add CNG.

You can’t make Americans buy anything. When polled, Americans say they are green. When given a choice to pay more for green, they don’t pay.

Based on that, Honda will sell far more CNG cars than Chevy will sell Volts.

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