The Hypocrisy of Obama

October/05/2011 16:58PM
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From day one of the Obama presidency we have been subject to his contemptible preaching about the evils of Bush. From the jump, he was closing Gitmo as a symbolic gesture to his Muslim friends that America was now their friend. He would no longer treat them as criminals. And, if he did, they would be subject to the same criminal system as any American. Tried in a Federal court, preferably in in NYC, since that made so much sense. Except to the people of NYC who still remember that little dust up on September 11th. His choice for Attorney General was Eric Holder. A man who defended terrorists.

He tore into Bush and Cheney about water boarding. Then he used the intelligence gained from water boarding to kill Osama bin Laden. He crowed like a rooster for days. Insiders say it was a tough sell to get Obama to agree to the operation. He listens to Valarie Jarrett. She runs the show, and she was against the operation. Finally, Obama just left it up to Panetta. Panetta pulled the trigger.

Holder may now have to face a Special Prosecutor to see if he committed perjury when questioned about this knowledge of Fast and Furious. It’s OK to run guns into Mexico and get innocent border cops killed, but we must not mistreat any terrorist we captured.

Here’s the kicker. You can shoot Osama in the face, but you can’t capture or water board him. Now, you can have a drone take out a US citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, but you can’t capture and use enhanced interrogation tactics to gain intelligence from him. How would he have voted on that? Believe me, I agree with both acts, the killing of both men.

Where is the outrage from the media and the left? If you suspect someone is a terrorist, just drop a drone on him or her. Not need to prove anything in any NYC Federal Court. Where does that tender US media see this? Why is a non-story, whereas water boarding was page one for months? Where is the concern for justice? Where is ACLU?

So, here’s the deal. If you are a Republican, you can do nothing to a terrorist. If you are Obama, you can drop a drone on them. That’s our country today.

But, the majority of Americans support Obama on the drone attack. Just, stop the hypocrisy and dump Holder and we’ll go alone easier with your new-found warrior attitude. Expand Gitmo, bring in more terrorists and stop turning those loose who go back to war against us. Let the CIA decide who has valuable information and how to get that information. Try them in military courts, quickly. And, dispense military justice, quickly, as quick as a drone. Stop the posturing. We are on to you and it doesn’t play well in most parts of this country.

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