The Disunited States Of America

October/31/2011 16:09PM
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Every day it seems more apparent. We are not united in this county on many fronts. And, for the next year it will only get worse.

We have a president who is campaigning on that lack of unity. He is driving a bigger wedge in those gaps. Since all he does is campaign, he is getting lots of attention. Since all he has to use as campaign material is to be in attack mode, he finds lots to attack. And, he attacks well.

It’s the Republicans who won’t pass his bogus jobs bill. If only they would care about the unemployed, I, Obama, could get you back to work. Wait, Mr. President, it’s the Democrats in the senate that won’t pass your jobs bill.

If only we could tax the rich, we can fix the debt mess I created. Wait, Mr. President, if we took all the money from the rich, we wouldn’t make a dent in your mess.

If Congress would let me I would write down underwater mortgages and forgive student loans. Wait, Mr. President, it’s you who wanted the super committee to fix the debt mess you have, now you want to add to that mess. There is noise that our credit rating may be written down again. You want to make that worse?

And so it goes. Let’s all watch while the man we elected to the job that should unify the country uses unrest tactics to try to get reelected. You see, that’s more important than doing the job right. That’s the only job this president can do. He’s got a bad case of adult ADD when it comes to doing real work. Being in front of a loving crowd cheering for an abject failure is far more exciting than being in a room with a problem and people who don’t like your solution.

So what if the campaign plan causes a few problems, like Occupy Wall Street. Why tell those people the truth? Without Wall Street, New York City will go broke. Without Wall Street, I, Barack Obama, would not be president. Without me, Wall Street may have already gone broke. Let’s just watch while they cause others to overlook the real problem, me. I’m the one who took all the campaign money from Wall Street, bailed them out, and let them make record profits by getting money at zero interest from the Fed and using it to buy TBills and resell them. Only recently did I double cross them like I do everyone. I don’t call Mayor Bloomberg and suggest he try to fix that problem before many of the Wall Street firms take up new residence in London or Oklahoma City.

No, I just pit people against each other. Democrats against Republicans. Minorities against Whites. Rich against poor. Corporations against government. Occupiers against the Tea Party.

It doesn’t bother me if this is not good for this country. I never liked this country anyway. By now you certainly know that if you’ve listened to my speeches. I won’t like this country until I have turned it into my version of Cuba. And, I need four more years to do that. If we have a little civil unrest that’s OK. It’s good for my reelection chances. Gives me more opportunities to blame others for that problem. I have gone from hope and change to shame and blame. I deflect all the problems of this country on others.

Since I have more money to spend on my campaign than any other candidate, you just wait. When those Republicans name their candidate, I will really crank it up.

Some say it’s the job of the President to unite, I say hogwash. I tried that for an hour once since I’ve been president, and Speaker Boehner refused to take my phone calls. I’m done with that. It’s my job to get reelected and finish the job of fixing a country that has always been broken. Since I won’t be campaigning anymore, I’ll have a lot more time to play golf and go on Leno. Take Michele to NYC for dinner and finally get around to housebreaking Bo. I’ll have a lot of time on my hands since I don’t do any real work.

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