Taking a Break for a New Knee

October/11/2011 16:07PM
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As you read this I will be recovering in the hospital from surgery to get a new knee. It’s long overdue and I will be glad to walk without a limp for the first time in years.

The knee was injured when I was a college wrestler. I have been able to keep going through a life a rehab. By keeping going by running and routine gym time, I was able to run a marathon(1980) and climb Mt. Rainier. I finally gave up jogging 5 years ago. I used an elevated treadmill to simulate the cardio benefits. The day before surgery I will walk my normal three miles.

But, bone on bone is still bone on bone. The cortisone shots last a shorter time each year.

As part of the pre-surgery requirements I had to take a complete physical. I made sure that included a PSA test for prostate cancer. The test was fine. My doctor, unlike Obama’s panel, is a believer in PSA tests. He believes he has saved many lives by doing annual tests.

I figure I’ve saved three knee operations over the years by substituting rehab for surgery. That savings will pay for my annual PSA exams for as long as I live.

Sorry, Barry, I will ignore your advice since none of it seems to be good, and get my tests every year. Since this will be my first hospital overnight stay since I got my tonsils out when I was nine, I’m happy to use my Medicare insurance to pay for part of the new knee.

I’ll be back on line as soon as they spring me from the hospital.

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