Small Ball Won’t Work in 2012

October/19/2011 16:57PM
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Herman Cain has surged to the top of some polls as the leader in the Republican primary. Why? His plan to eliminate the tax code is the type of change most Republicans are seeking. Romney continues to play small ball. Bunts, sacrifices, base stealing, and good pitching. This is why the people can’t warm up to Romney. He’s just a smoother version of George W. Bush.

Ron Paul hangs in there. Why? He would eliminate the DOE, the Department of Education, and any other Department that sucks up money and does nothing.

Rick Perry has one example of power politics. He would push forward all the energy programs that need to be pushed.

We need a candidate who consolidates all of these ideas and many more that show true change. Big changes not the type that take two days to explain. Sound bite, big changes.

That candidate need not be shrill about those changes like Michele Bachman. Or, whiny, like Rick Santorum. Or, slimy, like Newt. Huntsman exemplifies small ball. No one can name one thing he would do if president. We should just vote for him because he’s moderate.

Romney needs to get the message. If he wants to win this nomination, he needs to get off the small ball and line up with the candidates who are talking about hitting it out of the park.

Herman Cain is on to something and he seems to be moving toward putting more into that plan than just tax reform. If he does, he will win the nomination.

This country wants big leadership with big ideas that can be understood easily. The whole Hope and Change thing has given slogans a bad name for a long time.

We have big problems that require big solutions. And, a leader to make them happen.

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