Occupy Wall Street Protests are a Good Thing

October/07/2011 16:26PM
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As the Occupy protests escalate and spread, the damage to Obama and the Democratic Party grows with the movement. Obama has stepped up his class warfare rants. This makes the correlation between the protests and Obama’s politics clear.

The contrasts between these protests and the Tea Party movement can’t be missed. These are angry protests with intent to be arrested and push police to the limit. These protesters, when questioned, make no sense. The Tea Party is much more unified. Smaller government, less taxes, less regulation, and a move back to free enterprise is clear.

The Occupy protesters are made up of frustrated people who don’t know why they are frustrated. They are being supported by the likes of union sympathizers who feed and water them. And, brilliant dignitaries like Alec Baldwin, who has taken millions from a bank to do commercials for that bank. Hopefully, that bank will find a new spokesperson. Or, Susan Sarandon, who has taken millions from Disney while protesting against corporations like Disney.

Obama openly criticizes the Bank of America $5 monthly charge for debit cards, which seems like a perfectly legal method by said bank to offset what Senator Durbin did by reducing swipe fees for banks on debit cards. As Bank of America faces the” too big too fail” brink, Obama and Durbin do everything they can to push the bank over the cliff.

When moderate Democrats and Independents see where Obama is taking America, they will make the right decision in the next election. Just as Obama has lost his support from the Jewish voters and the millions he got from Wall Street in campaign donations and support in the last election, he will lose support from everyone except the unions, Hollywood, and far left extremists. As will his Democratic friends who face reelection in the next campaign. He can’t even get his revered jobs bill through the senate now. Too many Democrats, smarter than their president, see the fate that awaits them if they vote for his bill.

When Obama threatens to run against a” do nothing congress”, he is including is own party.

This is a desperate man doing desperate things. Nothing shows the depth of that foolish desperation more than his stirring up the Occupiers and their nasty demonstrations.

His support will dwindle to a very small percentage of the voting public.

His inability to lead is blatantly apparent as he can only watch what his actions reap.

Keep it up Mr. President, we are seeing how you are turning us into Greece. Nasty riots in the streets as those who can’t get enough freebies from government see their government largess shrink. There isn’t enough to go around here, just as there wasn’t in Greece and Americans are aware of that. Civil outrage is the end game. And, you are whipping up the crowds. America isn’t ready for your version of the French Revolution, and you ratchet up the rhetoric diminishing your chances to auger this country into despair.

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