Obama Takes On Sheriff Joe(Again)

October/01/2011 16:44PM
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This weeks new in Phoenix. An illegal immigrant collapsed on a basketball court and his American wife will not pull the plug. The hospital, with bills of $150,000 already told the wife.  Pull the plug, take him to hospice, or take him to Mexico. Those are your choices.  His health care in Mexico would be free. But, I’m sure the wife knows they will pull the plug for her. Just another day at a hospital in Arizona.

Another illegal drunk driver hit a car and killed two members of a family. 

If a Democrat doesn’t win the seat Jon Kyl is vacating in 2012, chances are much higher the Republicans will have a majority in the Senate. Here’s what our President did to foster his situation in Arizona.

Obama Singles Out Sheriff Joe During Immigration Discussion

Updated: Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011, 9:17 PM MST
Published : Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011, 9:17 PM MST

WASHINGTON – President Obama criticized Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration tactics during a round table discussion on immigration Wednesday. The president was asked about a federal investigation into the sheriff’s office and appeared to dodge the question.

A trio of Latin American journalists brought forth questions to president Obama, and their conversation turned towards the government’s investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“What happened to the investigation of the many violations and challenges by the federal government on Sheriff Joe Arpaio?” asked the foreign journalist.

“I have to be careful on commenting on individual cases, that’s handled typically by Department of Justice or other agencies. I will say the approach that has been taken to immigration in Arizona has not always been as productive.”

He later said, “We challenged the Arizona law that was supported by the sheriff because we thought there was a great danger that naturalized citizens with Latino surnames could be vulnerable to questioning.”

Today, the sheriff weighed in on the president’s round table discussion.

“He’s a lawyer he is pretty sharp to avoid direct questions… he made some comments talking about people being stopped because of their name. He didn’t like the 1070 law, he connects me with 1070. And my answer is I am just doing my job and I arrest everyone that violates the law and I am not going to stop.” He adds: “Stop saying boots on the ground and stop saying we must secure the border first.”

“We can’t have a patchwork of 50 states with 50 immigration laws,” Obama said.

Despite the comments, the sheriff is pleased the president knows who he is and what he stands for.

Sheriff Joe expanded on those comments on local TV. In essence he said Obama needs to keep his nose out of Arizona. He accused me of racial profiling without justification. I don’t work for Obama, I work for the people of Arizona. 

Sheriff Joe is doing what the majority of people in Arizona want him to do. He is enforcing the laws of the United States on immigration.  Obama made another mistake just as the did with the Jewish voters in New York. He just assured the Republican Party that they will not gain a Senate seat in Arizona in 2012. I don’t know who advises this president on issues like this, but it must be Eric Holder, the same guy who used Arizona to run guns in to Mexico in the brilliant Fast and Furious plan. Which would upset you as president. A bad idea by the Justice Department that got a border guard killed or a sheriff who enforces the laws of our country?  

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