Government Business, Inc.

October/21/2011 16:26PM
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If our government were a corporation, would you buy stock?

As a conglomerate, Government Business, Inc, is in lots of businesses. And, the business keeps expanding.

For forty years, we’ve been in the railroad business. We have lost money each and every year.

We are in the parcel delivery business. It may go bankrupt this year. One big idea to save that business coming out of Washington is to diversify. Sell hunting and fishing licenses at post offices, for example. Really, that surley clerk at my local post office who shuffles around and sets the snail pace for the rest of them is going to sell me a fishing license? With the line already to the back door how long will it take gorilla-face to write up my fishing license? I would drive by a hardware store to get that license at my post office. I would then park and walk by a pack ‘n ship to get to that post office. Why couldn’t that pack n ship be the post office? You and I both know that the post office is never going to break even. Government Business does not have the right culture to make it work. To be successful, people must have goals and be expected to meet or exceed those goals. This will never happen in Washington.

Government Business collects revenue from income tax. It is estimated that 30 cents of every dollar collected by Government Business is paid to prepare tax returns. Yet, Government Business refuses to simplify the business of collecting money.

Government Business keeps trying to get in other businesses. For example, Solyndra in solar. And, battery manufacturing. They have dumped billions into start ups to make batteries for electric cars. And, through Government Motors, billions into making an electric car, the Volt. But, based on current and future demand forecasts for electric cars, most battery manufactures will go broke because there is not enough demand for batteries. Why, no one in buying the electric cars.

Government Business could collect billions in leases on public lands to drill for oil and gas. But, no it’s electric cars, wind, and solar. Government Business could facilitate business growth which would increase revenue for Government Business through tax revenue. But, Government Business passes regulations that reduce business growth thus reducing revenue for Government Business.

Government Business has given benefits to shareholders that can’t be met in the form of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, etc. Government Business is running out of money. But, they keep increasing promises to shareholders(ObamaCare).

Government Business, Inc. is going broke. The management of Government Business in not sufficiently competent to save the company.

Can this be fixed?

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