Watch Me Set My Tap Water on Fire

September/26/2011 16:23PM
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All you New York and California elitists, here’s a flash. We country bumpkins who don’t live in your cities have known for our lifetimes that well water may have methane content. In many places you can light it. It’s due to a defective well in some cases and simply a water table that has methane content. Methane is not toxic. If it were, I would have died years ago. By odor alone, I’m sure we had a well with methane. I never tried to light it, as a kid that was restricted to lighting flatulence, since we expel methane.

With the advent of fracking, the best thing to happen to the US energy problem, we now see news coverage and TV programs like CSI Las Vegas where tap water is set afire as an example of the dangers of fracking.

Drilling for natural gas has, on rare occasions, let methane leak into the water tables. It is fixed quickly. Defective water well drilling has created far more of these problems, but is not always fixed quickly. Why, in the first case the driller fixes the problem, in the second the well owner must pay to have a new well drilled. Many choose to live with it, putting in a water purification unit. It’s cheaper. You sure get a little more water pressure with the methane pushing through. You can use the hose as a pressure sprayer.

Fracking happens far below the water table levels. Environmentalists who want to stop any effort to create new hydrocarbons, even clean ones, will not let the truth get in the way of a good story.They want fracking stopped whether there is a problem or not.

Leaders in states like New York and Maryland have stopped fracking. They have sacrificed jobs, lost revenue for property owners, and cost us more reliance on foreign oil. Who makes this decision? Your Democratic friends and those apartment dwellers in Manhattan. Group thinkers who are incapable of spending minutes learning facts, but will call Sarah Palin an idiot for failing the Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric trick questions that Obama would have failed. Sub-MENSA subjects who claim intellectual elitism by residence only.

The country ,through the private sector, is gearing up to use this natural gas to create cheap electricity and transportation fuel while lowering your natural gas heating bills the past few years. All this while our president and his friends try to stop this great boon to energy, and substitute high utility bills, which must recover bad investment ideas, like Solyndra, impractical electric cars, unsightly solar panels on your house with 20 year paybacks, windmills that kill 2.3 birds a day, including endangered species, and using corn to produce fuel that raises food prices and gains nothing in net hydrocarbons.

The next time you pass gas in the house, move out permanently. You have created a bigger health hazard than facking will.

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