USA Today-Two Immigration Stories

September/02/2011 16:33PM
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The August 30th edition of USA Today had two immigration stories.

The first was an editorial attacking the Alabama anti-immigration law. The article used t he old saw that there are two signs at the U.S. border. One said “Keep Out” and the second said “Help Wanted”.

I’m adding a third sign that says: Over 20 Million Americans Unemployed or Underemployed go get a job and a life back home.

The article went on for paragraphs articulating how the law was hostile and suggesting that the claim that states like Alabama make that the Federal government is not doing it’s job is false. The article says the Obama administration deported 400,000 illegals last year and that the border has become more secure and the flood of immigration from Mexico has slowed because of tougher enforcement, the U.S. recession and declining Mexican birth rates. It did not mention the recent Obama amnesty rule.

Basically, it gets back to the issue of asking a person to show proof of citizenship. I, for one, would be delighted to show proof of my citizenship if stopped for any reason by police. If that is all it takes to ask everyone to do that, I’m all in.

States are tired of bearing the brunt of a Federal immigration law that can be summed up briefly. Do nothing and pander for the Hispanic vote. Ignore the costs to states of illegals, it’s not the Federal government’s problem.

Here is the second article which shows how effective and fair the Federal Government is on immigration.

A decade ago, an Albanian citizen named Edmond Demiraj agreed to be a witness for the Feds against a criminal. One, Bill Bedini, a mobster who was wanted for human trafficking. Bedini warned Demiraj that his testimony would result in his death. Our government promised him protection, a green card and legal status for his family.

Here’s what he got. Our government let Bedini out on bail. He fled home to Albania where is is still loose. Then our government reneged on the promise to Demiraj and deported him back to Albania. The mobster kidnapped him,beat him, and shot him at point blank range. Somehow he survived and returned to the U.S.

It gets worse. The government denied asylum. Saying the family as not being persecuted “on account of” its relationship with Demiraj, which would merit asylum, but was targeted “on account of” Demiraj’s service to the U.S. government, which doesn’t merit asylum. His three nieces had been kidnapped and forced into prostitution back in Albania. When the nieces escaped to the U.S. the government did give them asylum.

The Department of Justice(or injustice) has denied them security even though threats have resurfaced.

So there you have it. It’s just wrong to subject anyone to the Alabama immigration law and attempt to deport anyone to enforce our immigration laws. But, it’s OK to deport a government witness and subject his family to pure hell, just for his cooperation in a criminal case. It’s OK to lie to him and make false promises. It’s OK to let his nieces be subjected to kidnapping and prostitution because of his help to our government. It’s OK to let a dangerous man out on bail and let him leave the country to commit these acts.

But, God Forbid, we should not ask a Mexican felon for proof of citizenship in Alabama.

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