The Fluff Over Focus Obama Government

September/04/2011 16:58PM
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Schools are going to get vending machines with healthy foods. Fluff. Obama knows that dealing with obesity is much easier than dealing with a broken educational system. Focus. The first gets a lot of media coverage, the second would mean dealing with the teachers’ union. It would mean getting the same treatment that states, trying to deal with this issue, have gotten. It would mean putting accountability in the educational system. Much too risky and hard.

Energy means climate change to Obama. Fluff. An unproven piece of consensus science that is finally being attacked, putting Al Gore on the defensive. Dealing with the real energy problem means putting together an intelligent strategy that includes drilling, new nuclear plants, fast-tracking all of the things that lead to energy independence and national security. A delusional public is waking up and realizing the cost to the country of the fluff energy approach. Manufacturing moving offshore, jobs lost, high cost energy that the public can’t afford, and another step toward the same ignorance that is destroying the European economy.

Entitlements means promising the public more entitlements when we can’t afford the ones we have. Fluff. Repealing ObamaCare, changing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Unemployment Insurance is just too risky. Focus.

Immigration reform means telling ICE to ignore Federal laws in exchange for votes. Fluff. Real immigration reform means we address the Federal laws on immigration. When states attempt to do that they are sued by the Federal government. The state laws actually address the problem. Too much focus.

Jobs. We will hear Obama say he wants to extend unemployment benefits, the tax holiday on social security deductions, and other costly efforts by the administration to try to take credit for reduced unemployment, should it ever come. Fluff. If jobs and hiring pick up it will be the private sector that makes that happen. When you listen to business people talk about why they aren’t hiring, it’s a far different story. Uncertainty is the biggest issue. The speech- to- speech economic policy by a president who has attacked business from day one is the reason for that. To get employment going we need to unemploy one person, Barack Obama. Focus.

This fluff and focus comparison could go on ad nauseam. From tax reform to tort reform to campaign reform to ethics reform.

Face it, politics in this country is far too dependent on the TV camera. If fluff gets you 30 seconds on the evening news, fluff it is. If focus gets you skewered on the evening news, then focus it isn’t. Almost no politicians have figured out that getting skewered on an issue the public favors is good. Chris Christie seems to be an exception to that. Maybe he learned from the best, Sheriff Joe.

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