The Chevy Volt and America

September/03/2011 16:50PM
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The volt sales for 2011 will be 3,200, maybe. Remember, baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet? Baseball is on hard times with attendance down and owners losing money. When is the last time you saw just the term apple pie on a restaurant menu? And, Chevrolet might not be here today if it weren’t for you, the taxpayer. Your tax dollars were used to prop up the balance sheet and save the company so the UAW could become the owner. Is the Volt like the Edsel?

GM explains, when you look at the sales of 3,200 Volts this year, the plant was down for work so we can gear up to produce and sell 60,000 Volts in 2012. Estimates are for 45,000 of those to be sold here in the US and the balance overseas.

I’d like to make a comparison of this estimate. It came when we were told that the trillion dollar stimulus spending act would drop unemployment below 8 percent. That didn’t happen, and neither will 60,000 Volts be sold in 2012.

When is the last time you heard a friend, neighbor, or relative say, ” I can’t wait until I get my hands on one of those Volts”? There is no buzz on the Volt. There will always be 3,000 people in this country who will buy something unique. Going from unique to 60,000 is a big step. Much like spending a trillion to reduce unemployment only to see it go up.

This is not a green country. Sorry to tell you that GM and Barack, but it’s true. The majority of the public will poll green, talk green, even act green, but only if it doesn’t cost them anything. If it costs anything, sorry, but I can’t afford to spend that.

As the country is learning that it’s costing them a lot to be green, we are greening down. With the mainstream media beating them over the head with green propaganda for years, the brainwashing almost worked. Until jobs began to disappear. Until gas prices hit $4, and wait until those utility bills double. Soccer moms look at the Smart car and see it can’t work. Manufacturing plants close or move offshore and dad loses his job. Too many EPA regulations. Wow, that hurt. Now, we’re not so sure we support that kind of green.

Selling excess green ideas has peaked and is on the way down. The timing on the Volt is all wrong.

The next generation of politicians will draw the line and decide what is good green and what is excessive green. Obama has no line. Any money spent on any green idea is OK. Even if the damage is too great. There is no cost benefit in Obama. If it’s in line with his ideology, you can’t spend too much.

The kitchen table in America puts a pencil to the Volt. Let’s see, I can buy a comparable car for X dollars less. I will save Y dollars at Z dollars a gallon with a Volt. Gee, I’ll get my investment back in 20 years. Sorry, Volt, I’ll buy the other option.

The kitchen table needs to go to Washington and replace the idiots who make all decisions with no cost benefit analysis. The kitchen table needs to move to GM. They are responding to Washington’s wishes with the Volt. Maybe consumer wishes should be first. Once Obama got his hooks into GM you knew this would happen. His bad ideas that have put the country in jeopardy will eventually put GM there too.

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