President Obama is Deaf

September/17/2011 16:13PM
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My Dad had some really good thoughts about listening. One was to hear you need to stop talking. Another was if you blow your own horn too much, someone will use it for a funnel. If I got too mouthy at the dinner table, it was put some food in your mouth and chew for awhile. Too bad President Obama never had this parental guidance.

No one talks more than this president. He loves to hear himself talk. As Dad said when your mouth is open all the time, you aren’t listening.

He loves to blow his horn. Take credit for everything that goes right. Let’s see in three years, that was killing Osama. But, he spins the problems to try to make it look like a success. Now, a big majority of Americans, Republicans, and even Democrats, scared for their own futures, are starting to use his horn for a funnel. And, turning up the volume from a drip to a garden hose to a fire hose of late.

Obama is pretty thin. He must not be chewing much food. That, at least, might give him some short options to listen.

He better start listening. Even his good friends like the grey lady, the New York Times, are talking to him. James Clavell is talking loud to him ,telling him he needs to move quickly to do damage control.

The Democrats are making noise about a primary run against him.

Elections in New York and Nevada spoke to him this week.

Polls are speaking to him.

Results are speaking to him. Jobless claims go up, the housing market goes down, and pundits are saying it’s Obama’s economic plans that are keeping this from improving.

Business is speaking to him. They say he is against them. They don’t trust him. They are hunkered down expecting him to lose in 2012.

ObamaCare is making everyone nervous.

Face it, Obama is blind to the private sector, he believes government is the answer. His jobs plan is bombing. His attacks on Boeing, the energy industry, and even guitar builders speak louder than his horn can blow over.

It’s probably too late for Obama to do a Clinton. Those big ears just don’t work. Deafness will be his downfall.

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