Obama Prescribes Crack for the Junkie

September/09/2011 16:02PM
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We just went through a painful time. We learned our country is an addict. Addicted to spending. We lost our triple A credit rating. There was a intervention. With the clock ticking, Congress decided the country needed to go to rehab. Not right away, of course, in a few months when a Super Congress will begin designing a detox plan to get the country off the spending addiction. But, ultimately, according to the Congress, the patient will be detoxed.

It was painful to watch. Some, the Tea Party Republicans, just wanted to go cold turkey. Cooler heads wanted a more permanent solution they called cut, cap, and balance. The president, in an earlier budget that was voted down 99-0 wanted to feed the addiction. He saw no reason to stop spending more than we take in. He wanted to print more money or borrow more from the Chinese. He seemed indifferent to the credit rating. He did think he could extort some money from the super rich and from corporate jets. Maybe a nice B rating wouldn’t be so bad. We would have to pay more interest on the money we borrowed, but so what, just add that to my tab.

Seventy percent of the public said they knew we had a problem. We needed to stop spending. We needed to get to rehab, right now.

But, the wise leader, Obama, had a jobs plan coming down the road. After handing off the little credit downgrade to a blue ribbon committee, he could set aside the spending addiction and address the jobs problem. It was becoming a bigger problem than the spending problem.

So, last night we got the long-awaited jobs speech. The solution, put the junkie on crack. Feed the addiction and let the minions in Congress figure out how to pay for the crack. Simple as that. If we want to fix our jobs problem, we have to take more drugs. Maybe the jobs problem won’t get fixed, but the drugs will help us get through the mess.

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