Obama is the Great Equalizer

September/24/2011 16:23PM
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True to form, President Obama has done more in under 3 years to equalize Americans than all the other presidents in our history have combined.

If you had a good job, you may not have it anymore. Putting you on a par with those who have never had a good job, never been able to keep a job, or never really wanted a job. Everyone is on unemployment and equal. You are trying to find a new job, others are counting on Obama to keep extending their unemployment benefits so they don’t have to worry about having a job.

If you bought a house, paid 20% down, and made mortgage payments for ten years, you now find your house is worth 40% of what you paid for it. You are trying to justify keeping the house. This puts you in the same situation with those who put 2% down, never made a mortgage payment and have been dodging foreclosure for 42 months. Except they are ahead with free rent, and you have lost a big chunk of your net worth.

Your kid went to college, got good grades, graduated and can’t find a job. A real job. He/she is working three part time jobs and living at home and trying to keep up with $100,000 in student loans. Putting him/her in the same boat with the kid who never went to college, worked at odd jobs, and has been drawing unemployment for 42 weeks. Except, the second kid has no debt to the government.

You put 10% in your company’s investment plan from day one to get the maximum matching amount from your employer. You watched that drop 40%, go up, and begin dropping again. Not satisfied with destroying the asset value of your house, now your president now wants to wipe out your 401K. This puts you on the same level as the person who spent everything they made and saved nothing. The amount this person put into social security was 40% of of your tax bill all those years. You didn’t think you needed to rely on social security for retirement, but now you may, just like the person who never saved a dime.

Your uncle waited 15 years to immigrate to America. He’s now equal with those who just walked across the border. Except the border walker now has kids who get tuition breaks in some states.

You have paid for medical insurance through your employer. Border walker pays nothing, goes to the emergency room, pays nothing after treatment, and gets the same care.

You paid into a retirement plan from your employer. You took a lump sum upon retirement. Now, investments from that lump sum are down 40%. Public employees, union employees, and government employees are all getting cost of living increases on their retirement plans.

You traded in your car for a more energy efficient car. But, your neighbor traded in a car he never drove under the cash for clunkers program. Your car cost a lot more since you got no help from Obama.

You live in a state with a balanced budget. I live in a state that will go broke, Illinois. Obama will now give money to my state to reward them for reckless spending under his Jobs Program. Your state will get nothing.

You started a business. Employ 40 people. Because you make over $200,000 a year, you will be penalized. You already pay more taxes than your neighbors who both work for the state and make $180,00 combined. Now you get to pay lot’s more taxes making their net pay higher than yours. Neither of the neighbors have any stress in their jobs, have better free benefits, and employ no one. For your contributions to the lives of 40 others , you get penalized. They(neighbors) can’t be fired unless they commit a felony. You could lose your business any day in the Obama economy.

I could go on and on, but you get the message. Obama wants everyone in this country to be equal. No rich people, no middle class people, no successful businesses, no jobs for college graduates, or in shorthand, no incentive to do anything but depend on the government.

We’ve watched this happen very fast. But, we can stop it. If you care about this country get involved.

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