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September/30/2011 16:49PM
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I read an editorial in the Arizona Republic that I found shocking, even by Arizona Republic standards.  It was Titled: Finding Gain In Our Housing Pain May Be Good For Us. It was written by Froma Harrop of Creators Syndicate.

I will quote a few of Ms. Harrop’s pearls of intellectual brilliance.

“Constructing workers, landscapers, salespeople and others living off the bubble lost their jobs. The resulting unemployment is troublesome, but won’t the American economy become stronger when families start carefully investing for their future rather than relying on the magic-mushroom high of ever-rising home prices?” Lets see, Ms. Harrop, where will those investments be placed? In less than one-percent CD’s, in the roaring stock market, in T-Bills, or green energy, like Solyndra?

Ms. Harrop shows her true colors with this: “Isn’t it better for the environment that prospective home buyers now value smaller houses that use less energy, take up less space and are often located closer to work, schools, and shopping”? Kind of a Cap and Trade bill by mandate, eh, Ms. Harrop?

She goes on: “And isn’t it good for American towns and cities where these smaller and older houses are located? Once rejected by status-conscious house hunters as starter homes, bungalows, and capes are becoming the permanent and beloved family residences that they were a couple of generations ago. Neighborhoods populated mainly by older folks and unmarried hipsters now draw families with children, bringing new life to formerly struggling commercial centers”. I have no clue what this means. I have seen no data to suggest this is happening. It contradicts her earlier good news story of smaller houses, closer to work, etc? Where are the jobs in these small towns for these young families? Why are the elderly, who normally have no mortgage, selling out? I see this as some fiction brought on by illicit drugs consumed by Ms. Harrop with her “unmarried hipster friends”.

Here’s the part I really love: “Speaking of which, the so-called lost decade for homeowners has become a found decade for home buyers. Young people can easily find far more affordable housing, although getting a mortgage has become tougher. They don’t have to start off the working lives drowning in debt”. Really, Ms. Harrop, where does this young person or couple come up with the 20% down? Where do they find a job? How do they pay a mortgage and two student loans at the same time?

This woman can ignore the millions of Americans who have been thrown out of their houses by foreclosure. She ignores the millions who can’t refinance for lower interest since the house is worth less than the mortgage. Those who want to move, sell to take advantage of better bargains, or have to move due to company transfers or a new job. Too bad all of you, you don’t get it.

Little Miss Sunshine, like most Liberals can find a pony in any pile of manure. Rest assured, Miss Sunshine’s life is not impacted by any of this. Her walk-up flat in New York is rent protected. She has no car and works from home. She has no kids, hence a yard or the cost of private schools is no problem. How nice to live in a cocoon and pass judgment on those who are suffering so much and telling them it’s a good thing. Aren’t our liberal friends so in touch with reality? Aren’t they so compassionate?

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