EPA is Pushing Toward Blackouts

September/27/2011 16:55PM
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The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial this week providing data confirming this blogs’s suspicions that the EPA is closing coal generation power too fast. The EPA is required to coordinate with FERC to insure they don’t create power shortages and blackouts by cutting supply of electric power beyond typical demand.  According to the Journal,and FERC, this is not happening.

This should surprise no one. The EPA has been out of control since Obama took office. It was accelerated when Cap and Trade failed. Either he gave Lisa Jackson a green light to implement Cap and Trade or she simply did it knowing he wouldn’t interfere.

Congress, including Democrats,are starting to panic. This problem, when it comes, and it will come, unlike the housing problem, can’t be shifted. The facts can’t be hidden like Frank and Dodd did with the sub-prime mortgage mess. It won’t take CSI to dig up the proof. The EPA is proud of their work.

The EPA is so incompetent they are indifferent to consequences. They are on a mission. Obama is on record saying coal must go. I’ll give Obama the benefit of one doubt, he is too smart to willingly create blackouts,power shortages,and costs for electricity that can’t be paid. But, he doesn’t pay attention to what his EPA is doing. It seems no one does.

But, some in Congress are waking. We can only hope they put the brakes on the EPA before they create problems that can’t be fixed without too much pain for homeowner’s and too much cost from taxpayers. The inmates are running the asylum.

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