Dump Obama-Find a Job

September/18/2011 20:10PM
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Ann Coulter has a book out called Demonic, How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America. I’m not very far into Ann’s book, but it has inspired me to write this blog.

Ann’s theory is simple. The far left liberals have determined over many years that the best way to motivate their flock is to use simple slogans for simple minds. Like: Go Green, Make Love, Not War, or Hope and Change, for example. Sayings that motivate mob thinking, not rational thinking. Conservatives, on the other hand, require more logic to be motivated.

I’ve seen examples of that in my blogs and comments on the Solyndra mess. Supporters of the DOE investment in Solyndra say it is good for the government to invest in new green technology. They seem to ignore the facts that many of the investments, including Solyndra did not support new technology. They point out the tax support for oil companies don’t support new technology.

The two technologies that have done the most to suppress energy prices in the US are oil sand extraction and fracking. Canadian oil imported into the US from oil sand extraction is a boon for this country. The Canadians want to export more to help us even more. Yet, liberals are blocking the proposed pipeline that would bring that oil to the Gulf Coast refineries in the US. Rationale, pipelines are unsafe and may leak and leaks are more likely with heavy Canadian crude oil. Plus, they object to the oil sand technology from an environmental perspective. They want to shut it down completely.

Fracking has done wonders to drive down natural gas prices in the US. But, the same liberals want to shut that down too. Unsupported ideas that it is endangering the water supply.

Both of these technologies were developed without one dollar of government tax money. Unless, of course, you accept that the tax breaks given to oil companies were used for this purpose. Or, used to develop the technology that allows deep water development and drilling. This process requires billions of high risk capital with no assurance that it will produce oil.

A company is looking at building a billion dollar plant in the Gulf Coast to convert natural gas into fuel for diesel vehicles. No help from Uncle Sam. Millions are being spent to create technology to convert cars to run on CNG, compressed natural gas. We have more undiscovered natural gas in this country than Saudi crude reserves. No money from the US government.

These are the practical ideas that will finally break us loose from dependence on foreign crude oil. The technologies and capital are coming from the private sector, not from the government.

All of these projects have and will continue to create thousands of jobs here in this country.

We elected a president on the slogans that demonized Bush and anointed Obama, Hope and Change.

As a retired marketing executive, I can’t restrain myself. If Coulter is right, let’s fight fire with fire. Hence, my slogan, Dump Obama-Find a Job.

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