Don’t Count Obama Out in 2012

September/08/2011 17:32PM
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Funny thing about presidential elections. Despite poll numbers that would suggest Obama is done in 2012, despite a double dip recession, despite 10% unemployment, despite speech after speech that changes nothing, and despite being the worst president since Jimmy Carter, Obama may get another term.

It’s all in the math. Obama will have 175 electoral votes in his pocket before the polls open. He will have California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington state and Washington DC. Most of these states are in worse shape than the country and getting worse. But, they continue to elect state governments that maintain the destructive Obama doctrine. New Jersey being the exception. He, Obama, needs only 85 more electoral votes to win the second term.

He has a big pool of states to draw from. Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oregon, Maine, and Wisconsin hold 72 votes. If they all go his way, he’s in. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania might not go for Obama this time.

Seven swing states will tell the story. Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia. This group has 86 votes. Before they are tallied, it would seem the count would be Obama 247 and the Republican candidate 206. To win, the Republican candidate must get Florida(29), Ohio(18), and Virginia(13). Plus, Colorado(9) or a combination of wins in the other states to reach 270.

So, all Obama has to do is to concentrate on these seven states.

This all assumes none of the true blue states are fed up with Obama. Highly unlikely.

So, Obama needs to focus on the seven swing states plus Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and New Mexico to win. Note Colorado and New Mexico have large Hispanic populations. Obama did the amnesty program last month, do you get it now?

This is not a done deal that we solve our jobs problem by unemploying one person, Obama. With 175 electoral votes in his pocket from states that endorse Obama Liberalism, regardless of cost, it’s a big hill for the Republicans to climb.

The electoral data were provided by Larry Sabato in a Wall Street Journal article dated: 9-6-11.

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