Conservatives are Wrong on Natural Gas Bill

September/01/2011 16:08PM
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A bill is making it’s way in Congress. It’s titled HR1380, and addresses the need to help kick start the utilization of natural gas for transportation.

Many conservatives are against the bill. They believe it’s too much money and that it will stop progress on other areas of energy that need attention. Plus, it’s government involvement in free enterprise.

I understand and agree with some of their points. But, I support the bill and here’s why. I would eliminate the DOE to fund the bill. The DOE is just flushing money down the rat hole for dreams that will never come to pass. Fueling trucks and buses with compressed natural gas is not a dream. America is far behind the rest of the world in taking this action. Obama and the green freaks are too enamored with electric powered vehicles. The are not practical and fly in the face of Obama’s attack on coal fired power that will reduce our power generation by nearly 10% if all the coal plants targeted by the EPA shut down. So, in typical Obama fashion, we push the demand side for electricity while we cut the supply side.

Second, we have more natural gas in this country than Saudi oil. We now know how to get at it with fracking.

Third, we need to do everything. Just putting emphasis on CNG powered vehicles does not mean we can’t step up drilling, nuclear, etc.

It’s a good idea and a good investment for tax dollars. Let’s do it despite Republican disagreement and conservative objections.

Here’s a summary of the bill.

Official Summary

4/6/2011–Introduced.New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act of 2011 – Amends the Internal Revenue Code to:
(1) allow an excise tax credit through 2016 for alternative fuels and fuel mixtures involving compressed or liquefied natural gas;
(2) allow an income tax credit through 2016 for alternative fuel motor vehicles powered by compressed or liquefied natural gas and make Indian tribal governments eligible for such credit;
(3) modify the tax credit percentage for alternative fuel vehicles fueled by natural gas or liquefied natural gas;
(4) allow a new tax credit for the production of vehicles fueled by natural gas or liquefied natural gas; and
(5) extend through 2016 the tax credit for alternative fuel vehicle refueling property expenditures for refueling property relating to compressed or liquefied natural gas and allow an increased credit for such property. Requires the Secretary of Energy to provide funding to improve the performance, efficiency, and integration of natural gas powered motor vehicles and heavy-duty on-road vehicles. Authorizes the Secretary to make grants to manufacturers of light and heavy duty natural gas vehicles for the development of engines that reduce emissions, improve performance and efficiency, and lower cost. Expresses the sense of Congress that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should streamline the process for certification of natural gas vehicle retrofit kits to promote energy security and provide incentives to encourage and reward manufacturers who produce natural gas powered vehicles. Amends the Energy Policy Act of 1992 to allocate funds for vehicles that are repowered or converted to operate on an alternative fuel.

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