Close the Post Office

September/10/2011 16:40PM
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For the past 30 days I’ve gone through my mail to see what, if anything, I had to have that day. There was nothing.

Let’s assume, for the purpose of discussion, that UPS or Federal Express brought me a box on Monday and a box on Friday with all my mail. Would that be a problem? And, that I had an inventory of boxes that I could ship my outgoing mail in with prepaid postage. Would that be a problem? NO.

We used to have a pony express, we don’t have that anymore. More cost-effective ways to deliver mail came along. Now we have the Internet and it’s displacing the post office. Why do we hang onto to a government owned and operated system that has become passe? Why do we throw tax money at keeping it going? Why does the media go to some remote post office in Idaho to interview people who say they enjoy the social aspect of having a post office?

I love my mailman, Miguel. He takes very good care of my mail. But, I haven’t seen Miguel in 3 months. Every day I have a new mail person. Sometimes they deliver my mail at 10AM, something Miguel never did, but sometimes it comes at 5:30PM. Miguel hasn’t worked a 12 month work year in 5 years. See, he’s disabled. A back problem on the job. In the real world, Miguel’s disability pay would have run out months ago. But, not in the world of our Federal government.

It all gets down to this, as the Postmaster General is finding out, union jobs and minority jobs. He, the Postmaster, has proposed huge cutbacks. But, they, the liberals, in Congress are fighting this. They say they will come up with the money to avoid that.

It’s this simple. Put the business up for sale. Let the private sector figure out a way to deliver mail and make a profit. Shipping 3 days worth of mail in a box makes economic sense. It’s being done every day. Including all that junk mail and those magazines we never read. The government can pick up a few billion for selling the business, the buyers’ can figure out a way to make a profit, the buyers’ will need to hire employees, and we, the customers and creditors, can adapt to a differ delivery schedule and system. Who loses? You tell me.

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