UAW to Strike Ford

August/25/2011 16:45PM
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All you liberals should be so, so proud. Your favorite labor union, the one your president gave the GM and Chrysler companies to as a gift, is making trouble. Those poor bondholders at GM and Chrysler, those poor white collar retirees who lost their retirements to the UAW, and the shareholders at both companies who lost everything, must be elated to hear the organization that did the most to destroy those once great companies now plans, with as much help as Obama and the Department of Labor can give them, to do the same to Ford.

Ford, the company that survived. The one that didn’t take your tax dollars, The one the UAW doesn’t now own, the one that many Americans buy from for all those reasons is facing a UAW strike in September.

The membership just voted that they will initiate a strike if they don’t get a new contract when the existing one expires on Sept. 14.

Let’s just watch while the UAW destroys Ford. We all know in our hearts that Ford is mistreating Ford workers. After all, they have jobs when 16 million Americans don’t. We all know Ford needs to add cost to their vehicles. Surely, they shouldn’t be allowed to be competitive with foreign car makers who have non-union labor in their US plants.

One bright spot, this will just add one more excuse for Obama when he ticks off his excuses for the economy. Problems in Europe, the Japanese Tsunami, the Arab Spring, and now the Ford strike. You suppose the UAW might consider all the taxpayer money they got to retain jobs and retiree benefits at GM and Chrysler? No, it’s going to blamed on the bonuses given top people at Ford for keeping the company going and the UAW alive. Not fair. It’s not the socialist way.

Most of us would gladly pay Obama a bonus if he did for the country what Ford management did for Ford. But, unfortunately, we need to take money back from Obama for his performance.

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