The Difference Between the Tea Party and the Republican Party

August/16/2011 16:57PM
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The Republican Party is represented by Reince Priebus. No self-respecting tea party supporter would hire Reince Priebus to do anything. Nor, would I, as one who has a tea party platform of my own, endorse Romney for anything. If you touched RomneyCare you are guilty of bad judgment. If you exercised bad judgement, fess up. Don’t lie about it. Don’t try to make it into a good thing. If you do these things, you are not trustworthy.

Republicans, as represented by Reince and Mitt, are no better than Blue Dog Democrats. They want to be hybrids, part Democrat and part Republican. Some would call that the middle, but Obama has moved the geography. He is so far left the middle is a long ways from where it once was.

Chris Christie and a few new Republican governors, are the type of people who I can respect. Mitch Daniels, Scott Walker, Rick Scott, and John Kasich are true Reaganites. Men who not only talk change, but execute change. Michell Bachman says she fought against all the Obama programs. But, fighting isn’t winning.

The left can call me what they wish. I don’t read any tea party blogs. I don’t contribute to any tea party requests for money. I don’t have a document that tells me what the tea party stands for or a vision or a mission statement.

It’s pretty simple for me. The tea party stands for smaller government. It means anything that is the anti-Obama. It is the steps that will get this country back on it’s feet. It’s Ronald Reagan all over again. It’s easier to tell you what it isn’t than what it means.

I don’t get excited about the social issues. I think it’s time to put the economic ahead of the social.

I’m not a hawk. I believe Bush was wrong about Iraq and we should have stayed out. I believe we should have left Afghanistan years ago after the Taliban was under control. I belive we need to stay out of Lybian and Syrian business. I’m sorry kids are hungry in Somalia, but I worry more about the ones that are hungry here.

I believe the UN is a bunch of crap and we need to throw them out. Let Russia and China fund it.

We have gotten too, too big for our britches. We think we run the world. We couldn’t run a brothel in Nevada. We need to let the world look after itself and start looking after ourselves.

We can’t afford our own entitlements, how do we justify foreign aid? Don’t worry about trying to buy friends, just don’t let enemies attack us. We can’t afford to take care of Mexico’s poverty. Send them home and keep them out.

Cut government to the bone. Cut regulations to minimum. Stop lawsuits that block progress, like drilling, building a plant, or building anything that adds value and creates jobs. Fast track all of those projects by keeping the courts and liberal judges out of decisions. Pass a law that says, you lose, you pay and enforce that law.

Quit making excuses for bad teachers. Teachers get paid well today and just like any other employment opportunity good people can be hired. Teachers can’t have tenure and they have to have accountability to show the quality of their work. Get the federal government out of the business.

Here’s the pattern. What NY, Illinois, and California want to do is bad for the country. What Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Barney Frank and their kind want to do is wrong.

Use your own common sense, that’s what the tea party means. Don’t vote for Romney because he want to the same ivy league schools that produced Obama. Don’t ignore a vote for Perry because he got average grades. Forget hair, body type, gender, race, and all the rest. This one’s about trust. Who will get the job done, and done the fastest.

Any average American can sit down and decide what is causing this country to sink into a quagmire, then vote based on who can pull us out.

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