Ronald McDonald is all about Jobs

August/15/2011 16:11PM
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Democracy is supposed to built on the premise that majority rules. But, sadly, it doesn’t work that way anymore. The recall election in Wisconsin was a case where majority did rule. Despite all the noise, the millions in spending by the unions, and the media bias, the majority of people in Wisconsin spoke and said they want an end to public unions taking advantage of a stacked deck. By funding political campaigns they get big raises. Raises and benefits the state can no longer afford.

Just look at the attack on Ronald McDonald by a small group of people who contend that McDonald’s is creating obesity in kids through the use of a clown. Want to put that to a public vote?

If you were President Obama and you were truly concerned about jobs in this country, and you read the article in USA Today about the need to make Ronald McDonald go away, what would you think about that? Would you consider that this is just a small part of the job killing actions that special interest groups use today? What right does a very small number of people have to dictate the marketing stategy for a company like McDonalds? A company that is creating jobs today.

Whose responsibility is it to try to keep kids eating healthy today? Obama’s or mama’s. Who hauls the damned kids to McDonalds? Who stuffs the unhealthy food down their innocent little throats? I have 6 grand kids and there is not an ounce of fat on one. They eat at McDonalds. Not every day, but as a special treat. But, not one is parked on a couch at home doing nothing. All are active and burn off every calorie, and they eat a lot of calories, not many at McDonalds.

It’s the same mindset that makes life difficult for Wal-Mart. The unions have targeted Wal-Mart and they plan to attack them until they can unionize them. Then, and only then, will the poor get to pay 25% more to shop at Wal-Mart. And, Wal-Mart will shut stores, eliminate jobs, and focus on their international business. If we put this to a vote, nationally, what percentage of the voters would be in favor of unionizing Wal-Mart?

Let’s have a public vote on energy strategy. Who votes for putting coal fired power plants out of business and raising utility bills 30% and putting miners out of work? Who votes for letting China take 20% of the Canadian tar sand oil slated for the US because we think extracting oil from sand in Canada is a dirty business? Who votes to stop fracking and getting all that cheap natural gas in the US and creating all those new jobs? Who votes not to do offshore drilling and drilling in Alaska and creating all those new jobs?

Who votes for borrowing money to pay foreign aid?

Who doesn’t vote for tort reform to bring down medical costs?

Who votes for light bulbs made in China that will fill the air with mercury?

Who votes for ethanol?

Since we can’t vote for people we trust to protect us from those who would intrude in McDonald’s business and ban Ronald McDonald, how do we stop this nonsense? When unemployment is 15% will it stop? When Obama is gone will it stop?

The tea party republicans who were voted into office in 2010 did what they said they would do. Now, supposedly, independents don’t approve, but if not, how do you explain Obama’s approval rating.

Until we stop government from telling McDonalds they can’t have a clown, we will not see economic recovery. Or, if not government, some clown of a judge Obama has appointed will tell them. Parents who attack McDonalds because they can’t raise their kids without the help of Obama or a judge, are in deep trouble. Those kids will be rampaging in the streets like the ones in the UK.

Get a grip people. Get responsible for your own lives and manage your kids.

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