Pushing All the Seniors Off the Cliff

August/12/2011 16:44PM
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According to Democrats, Paul Ryan pushed grandma off the cliff with his proposal to ask future generations, those under 50, to accept changes in Medicare to let granny enjoy her current benefits. Truth doesn’t come into play for politics. Eventually, the Ryan plan, or something like it will happen, but not now.

We seniors are the dumbest generation in the history of this country. We worked our asses off, educated our kids, saved our dough, invested wisely, paid off our houses, and assumed the dumb asses we hired to run this country would do their jobs. We did ours and we were tired.

Our kids are apolitical and are also watching and following our lead.

Here’s what we get for our inaction. First, those houses we own are worth half what they were worth four years ago. Second, our investments are worth half.

But, here’s the part we all forget. Since Obama took over, you haven’t made a dime in interest on any money you haven’t lost in the stock market, and his Fed Chairman just told you, you won’t make a dime in the next two years while Obama is still in charge. And, your last few dollars you own are circling the drain in the stock market.

And, here’s the saddest part. If you had bought the Paul Ryan plan, and not bought the thrown off the cliff crap, you would not be watching the stock market tank.

It’s all our fault. We keep failing to read the fine print. We keep watching while it all goes down the drain. I started this blog because I feared what Obama would do to this country. My fears were justified, but being right is almost worse than being wrong. It just haunts me that I didn’t try to do more. to get more involved. It always comes back to what can one person do?

My wife and I attended one of the first Tea Party rallies in Phoenix. Not because we are terrorists, stupid, Hobbits, or any of the other things we Tea Party supporters are being called, but because we felt bad times were coming. We felt Obama was very wrong for this country. That was the spirit of the Tea Party then and I still believe it exists now. We saw trouble coming. And, it has come. And, it’s still coming.

If you are a senior, and you believe you have suffered more abuse under this president than any other group in this country, it’s time to step up and do something about it. Get involved. Try to save your ass before you have to join the ranks of the food stampers who have benefited from Obama. He’s taking your assets, not through taxes, but through incompetence and allegiance to a plan to create total class warfare here in this country. When we have what they have in the UK today, you old farts like me better figure out how to protect ourselves again. Somebody might want to try to take what little you have left when Obama is done with you.

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