On Wisconsin

August/11/2011 16:14PM
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Wisconsin seems to have it all these days. They have the world champion Green Bay Packers. They have Paul Ryan, the only person in Congress who actually studied the budget problem and came up with a plan, long before others even cared, especially our dull- witted president with the big megaphone. Now, Wisconsin is the first state in the country to tell the public unions, “you won’t destroy this state.”

The story that unfolded in Wisconsin is going to roll across the country. A governor decided they needed to take big risky steps to fix the state’s financial problems. Governor Walker proposed a bill to restrict the collective bargaining of state union workers. Even FDR recognized you can’t allow public employees to unionize. It was a cute little deal. Elect the ones who will raise your public employee pay and benefits. Use union dues to help them get elected. Then get all the pay raises and benefits you need.

But, the people of Wisconsin realized the public employees are a big minority in Wisconsin. A small group of people and their unions were putting the state into bankruptcy.

How this unfolded was interesting to watch. First, the Democratic state senators fled the state to avoid letting the bill go to vote. Finally, the bill was voted through without them. A judge in Wisconsin, a big liberal judge, declared the bill could not be enacted. The appeals judge disagreed and the bill was approved.

Busloads of union supporters descended on Wisconsin. Protests that were more akin to riots ensued. Windows were broken and buildings damaged. The usual cast of characters arrived. Sharpton and Jackson to name two. There to stir the pot and get on TV. Yelling and screaming and swearing. That’s the liberal approach to everything. Read most of the comments to this blog. Personal attacks on me. Irrational ranting. Things like the stimulus bill didn’t work because it wasn’t enough money. Good Lord, a trillion isn’t enough?

Walker and the Republican politicians just let things run their course. While Democrats spent millions to get petitions signed to force recall elections, they watched. While $30 million was spent on this cheesy, excuse the pun, little election, Wisconsin Republicans knew all along that the people of Wisconsin would support them. And, they did. Republicans will continue to hold the majority in the Wisconsin legislature. It’s an endorsement of Walker and his plan to fix the budget situation in Wisconsin.

You see it’s all about math and greed. First, the public unions have destroyed state budgets all over this country. Despite all the BS about poor teachers, the public now realizes that public employees have it too good at their expense. And, the non-public votes have a big edge in numbers. Once the truth is understood, the numbers take over and the public employees, despite their buses loads of goons, their support from professional protesters, their millions in union money, and their sad little stories, they lose.

On Wisconsin, roll it across the country. It’s happening, first in Indiana, now in New Jersey, Florida, Michigan and even Maine. It’s not happening in California and Illinois, nor in Washington. But, those two states and this poor nation will be broke if it doesn’t happen, and soon.

We have the numbers, let’s use them.

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