Obama Calls for More Fracking Rules

August/17/2011 16:58PM
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Do you sometimes wonder if this president gets up every morning and says what can I screw up today? It would be impossible for any executive with a lick of common sense to try to stop the production of natural gas we are getting today from fracking. It’s the only bright spot in this administration.

Fracking has created jobs and tax revenue for the states where work is underway. It has driven down natural gas prices and offers an opportunity to offset the work the EPA is doing to drive utility costs through the roof.

So, why are progressives called progressives when all they do is look for ways to stop progress?

So, a report commissioned by Obama, will recommend tighter restrictions on air emissions, disclosure of all pollutants released and chemicals used and further study of whether natural gas exploration contaminates drinking water.

Natural gas is a clean burning fuel. The industry has proven that the wells are far below the water tables. They don’t want to disclose some of their fracking technology since they add up to competitive advantage. Environmentalists have not a shred of evidence to prove there is a problem with fracking.

If you are the chief executive and you think fracking is good for the county and some fools come to you and say we want it stopped, what would you do? Perhaps, say, “give me some good reasons and I will listen, meanwhile go away and hug a tree. ” Not, our boy, Obama, he puts the DOE, a pillar of wisdom, right on it to find some new regulations he can impose to avoid having his friends be left with only hugging a tree. By the way, if you want to make a fortune just sell short any business the DOE invests your tax dollar in, since by proof over 25 years, they all went bust.

You want to know why we have a jobs problem, just ask yourself who benefits from the Obama study? The DOE since they had make-work, the environmentalists, since they can avoid hugging a tree for another day, and the media, since they have a nice story about the greenness of our president. Who pays, you do.

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