King Barack I Makes A Declaration

August/21/2011 16:18PM
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I, King Barack I, and last, we hope, hereby declares that all illegals in the Kingdom of the United States are now here legally. Unless you have a criminal charge against you. In which case we might deport you. We either didn’t deport you when we arrested you or you just came back after we deported you, but either way, we might still deport you again.

In desperate times desperate men do desperate things. Obviously, King Barack I, is getting desperate. He senses he might not be king long. So, unlike those before him who were merely presidents, he plans to circumvent all that unnecessary crap they had to deal with, like Congress and laws, and just began issuing declarations. He tried to get what was known as the dream act through Congress, known to King Barack I as the Court Jesters, but they wouldn’t agree. Now, he will show them how a real king operates. King Barack needs support to remain King. Those illegals have cousins, uncles, aunts, and friends who want them to be citizens. Even though they didn’t come here like all the rest. So, if the King takes the heat off the illegals, he may get the support of immigrants all across the land.

King Barack I has done this before. He didn’t get cap and trade, so he just commanded his EPA Princess to implement it anyway. He didn’t get Card Check, so he just commanded his Labor Relations Board to implement it anyway. Even if it closed a Boeing plan and was illegal. Or, if it cost millions to let airline workers sit and taxes for tickets not get collected because we just need more union employees in this land today. They have been very good for manufacturing and jobs here in this land. But, most importantly, they have dropped millions in the King Obama I bank account.

And so it goes in the land of Barack I. As time approaches for the people of the land to decide whether he remains king, he will find other means to make declarations to insure they do give him that support. Once this land had a stupid system called democracy where the will of the people counted and they even had a document called the Constitution. King Barack I changed all that.

Now it is a kingdom ruled by a man who knows what is best for the land. Their ancestors fled a country ruled by a king and trouble brewed. A tea party in Boston became open rebellion and a war ensued. and the country became free of the king. Now, we are back with King Barack I, and history has been reversed. The only problem now is that group that calls themselves the tea party. They are making trouble for King Barack I.

But, between now and the time when he has to been reaffirmed as king, Barack will make more and more declarations, fiats, and laws. All designed to do what a congress won’t allow, but acts that will buy support. The wise king will prevail. Or, will he?

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