It Was Either New York or California to be First to Stop Fracking

August/26/2011 16:07PM
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Fracking for natural gas is the best thing to happen to energy in the US for 50 years. It’s too good. It will stop too many green energy efforts because it will drive down energy costs and make the green dreams even more non-competitive. It will be so big it will keep the country tethered to hydrocarbons for another 50 years. We simply can’t have that.

We Americans must learn. We must be patriotic and pay double for electricity, at least double. We must haul the whole soccer team around in a Smart car. We must move back to cities. We must stop all manufacturing in this country. We must bow to the wisdom of those who know all these things. Some call them tree huggers. I call them Naderites. After Ralph Nader, a man who has never had a driving license, but knows lots about cars. Or, Carsonites, after Rachel Carson, who knew DDT made birds egg shells thinner. And, killed millions of people in countries where malaria could no longer be controlled after she got the UN to outlaw DDT.

New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, sent subpoenas to Range Resources, Goodrich Petroleum, and Cabot Oil & Gas requiring them to provide data on reserves, profits, and processes.

This is clearly just a political move. Little drilling has been initiated in New York compared to other states where the natural gas rich Marcellus Shale shelf exists.

Pennsylvania is producing huge quantities of gas and jobs and tax revenues while New York plays politics.

The Attorney General of New York is clearly a Naderite or a Carsonite. He knows what is best for New York. It’s better to stop progress in a complete state of ignorance than to allow progress. Progress gets headlines for others when unemployment goes down and tax revenues go up. Litigation gets headlines for the Attorney General, who always seems to aspire to the governor’s job.

Judging New York by it’s politics, I say the state is getting what it deserves.

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