It Could Be Worse with McCain as President

August/03/2011 16:43PM
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John McCain decided to go after the Tea Party during the debt debate. Blaming the Tea Pary for the stalemate on the debt ceiling. If you needed further substantiation that McCain might have the country in worse shape had he won the election, this should help you with that question. If you remember, McCain lost by 10 points to a man who just said Hope and Change every two minutes. The senate and house were gutted as part of the McCain defeat.

While McCain watched and tried to screw things up, the Tea Party gained back the seats McCain lost in the house and senate. Where does this guy live? How can he ignore the truth? He is a big loser and his policies as a pseudo Republican don’t fly anymore? Even if he can’t grasp any of that, which I believe he might not, he must have some inkling that the best thing that has happened to the Republican Party in the past 10 years is the Tea Party. Why would a confirmed loser who had the most to do with us suffering with Obama, even open his pie hole? Is he going to be the next Jimmy Carter going around and world and causing trouble with misguided ideas?

If McCain had been elected things might be worse. He would have added 12 million illegals to the citizenship rolls. He might have spent more than Obama. At least we know what we have with Obama now. A confirmed Socialist who wants us to become a Euro-Republic. With McCain, we would have a new leader every day. He erases the blackboard every night and starts every day with a new plan. He’s like a river two miles wide and one inch deep.

As a Tea Party supporter, I say John McCain, you put us where we are today by losing to a loser. Just keep your big mouth shut and don’t cause us to lose what we gained despite you.

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