How’s That 401K Looking These Days?

August/07/2011 16:55PM
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We were told for weeks that a failure to raise the debt ceiling would result in two things. First, the financial markets would drop. Second, our AAA bond ratting was at risk. I guess both have spoken on the fine work done by Congress and Obama on the debt ceiling.

How does the Paul Ryan plan look to you now? Who threw grandma off the cliff? The Ryan plan would have given the financial markets some level of confidence that we were serious about our spending problem. It would have given the rating agencies substantiation that we wern’t on the road to Greece and Italy. How about those Tea Party Republicans who held out for more than the Reid plan? How much would the markets tank under that farce?

If Grandma’s future social security checks are going to come at all, someone with half a brain has to start trying to turn the Queen Mary.

Leaders who go to Washington with the sole purpose of reducing the size of government. Leaders like the Tea Party republicans who stuck to their campaign promises. Campaign promises that go deeper than hope and change.

Real promises that do reduce the size of government and stop the useless spending and regulation that stifle free enterprise. Real actions that get businesses back on the track of growth and hiring.

One more year of Obama, and those 32 sitting Democratic senators who will vote down any reasonable plan to get back to business as usual in this country, will be all the pain we can handle. Five more years will put us in the Italy category. Since Obama’s plans mirror Italy’s history, what do you expect? Different results?

Government is the problem, not the solution. Get government out of the way and good things will begin happening again. Just like they did under Reagan.

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