Democratic Senators Need to be Accountable for $300MM in Lost Revenue

August/06/2011 16:46PM
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It’s hardly been a media footnote. We  heard hours  and hours of blather from Democrats and their main mouthpiece about corporate jets in the past months. Shutting down that big loophole would save about $3 billion  dollars. Over ten years.  All  that time, the House bill to fund the FAA was sitting on the Senate floor. The Senate wanted to protect $16 million in subsidies to regional airports and make it easier to unionize the airlines. Hence, no action on the House bill. So the FAA shuts down. Several FAA employees are furloughed and construction jobs at airports come to a halt putting another 75,000 out of work. The Senate, through inaction, just spent this year’s savings if the  great corporate jet loophole proposal had been inacted.

Finally, since a few mainstream media outlets were reporting something akin to the truth about his mess, the Senate passed the House bill, just as it had been sitting on that Senate floor for days, long before the shut-down. Heat started to build on the lost money and jobs and Harry Reid and Obama couldn’t stand the heat. If this mess really got explained to the public, the fact that the Democratic Senate and the President gave up more in lost revenue this year than removing the tax breaks for corporate jets would have brought in, it would have been a PR disaster.

Is it no wonder that Standard and Poors downgraded our bond rating. We have complete imbeciles running this country.

If someone else had cost the country $300 million in a few days, there would have been Senate Hearings with all the blowhards and their puffery on TV. Here’s an example of what the Senate Democrats were fighting for. It costs less than a hundred dollars to fly from Decatur, IL to St. Louis Mo. But, you, the taxpayer, pay another $500 in subsidies for that ticket. Is this another “on the backs of the poor” claim by Democrats? Who really flies this route? Is the poor? No, they drive or take the bus. It’s business travel written off on expense accounts. Why fight for this? The fear that in the free market, these airports will close. So what? If there isn’t enough demand they should close. Was it worth $300 million to keep this $16 million in subsidies? You tell me.

Keep in mind, the Democrats just wanted to protect the $16 million at specific airports the Repubicanns wanted to cut. There’s still $200 million a year out there in subsidies for small airports not in this cut plan. Want to pick up a cool $2 billion in savings the next 10 years, just make this farce go away .

Until the 23 Democratic Senators, up for election in 2012, who made this happen, along with their titular leader, Obama, are gone there is no hope for this country. Abject stupidity rules. Just as these same people voted down Cut, Cap, and Balance, which would have avoided the stock market losses this week, and the downgrade, they blew the $300 million from the FAA fiasco.

Want your country back, get ride of these fools who do this sort of thing.

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